A small haul

On the 21st of June, my friend and I made our way to Bugis after school 🙃

She had a baked salmon rice bowl while I had a raw salmon rice bowl for lunch at TwentyGrammes, and we shared a matcha green tea 🍵 ice cream waffle!!!

We then made our way to Haji Lane where we bought a lot of stationery from a Taiwanese quaint shop!

These postcards cost $2 each, and all the designs were very pretty. There were two series, The Food Truck series and The Glass Terrarium series. My friend loved The Food Trucks and she bought about 5 postcards 😂

The Alice in Wonderland stamp set was $12 😻😻😻 I had to buy it and the pretty violin/cello pin was $10.90 and I bought it for my sister who plays the violin! Lastly, the rose gold paper clip was $1.50 and too pretty to pass it up!

It was a fun way to treat ourselves considering our exams coming up in two weeks.

What ways do you pamper yourself?


My Food Stickers


These cost around $4 at a quaint little shop at Bugis Street and there are actually less than 40 sheets of stickers as stated but that’s alright because I still think it’s worth it!

They’re Super cute and the food even have faces on them??? There’s even a sushi one!!! Here are some of my Favourite ones (sushi included)


I also bought these stickers for $3.50 from Kinokuniya and yep, they’re Japanese food. 


And lastly, my favourite stickers (that my Sister bought for me from Japan)…….


I’ve never used them, even though it has been years since I’ve had them! I just can’t bring myself to, they’re so precious!!!